About Harbour  
  Harbour is a compiler for the xBase superset language often referred to as Clipper (the language that is implemented by the compiler CA-Clipper). Harbour is a cross-platform compiler and is known to compile and run on:
  • MS-DOS,
  • Windows (32 & 64),
  • Windows CE,
  • Pocket PC,
  • OS/2,
  • GNU/Linux,
  • Mac OSX.
Harbour is a free and open-source project. It can be used to make open source applications, free or commercial products. To learn more about Harbour licence click here.
Why use it?  
  • Because it is free software 100% compatible with Clipper compilers
  • Because it removes some of the limits imposed by the base implementation but the extent of this will depend on your chosen platform.
  • Because Harbour is proven to be stable, robust and efficient.
  • Because Harbour supports RDDs (Replaceable Database Drivers) to allow multiple data sources which allows an application to scale.
  • Because Harbour is portable across multiple operating systems with the same code base.
  • Because Harbour's architecture is fully open and supports a third-party add on market.
  • Because Harbour is open-source and therefore you are not at the mercy of the decisions of a private company.
  • Because Harbour is developed by a very experienced and capable team of developers.

    Most importantly, try Harbour for yourself, decide for yourself why it has advantages for you. This product will be an harbour for clipper.