Frequently Asked Questions about Harbour

David G. Holm <>

Revision: 1.45 Date: 2004/05/03 19:00:32

1. Legal Stuff

1.1. Copyright
1.2. Licence
1.3. Warranty
1.4. Trademarks

2. About Harbour

2.1. What is Harbour?
2.2. Why develop Harbour?
2.3. Who is developing Harbour?
2.4. Who owns Harbour?
2.5. So who do I blame when it all goes wrong?
2.6. How did Harbour get started?
2.7. What is "free software"?
2.8. So is Harbour in the public domain?
2.9. What is the GPL?
2.10. Why was the GPL chosen as the licence for Harbour?
2.11. What is the Harbour exception?
2.12. So why don't you use the LGPL?
2.13. Will my applications be affected by the GPL?

3. Helping develop Harbour

3.1. How do I get started?
3.2. What C compiler should I use?
3.3. What other tools do I need?
3.4. Where can I find the source?
3.5. What is CVS and how do I use it?
3.6. How do I build Harbour?
3.7. What needs working on?
3.8. Are there any development guidelines?
3.9. Is it ok to extend the language with some spiffy new feature?
3.10. So what's with all these language extensions then?
3.11. I can't code C, how can I help development?
3.12. I've got loads of Clipper code I can donate, what shall I do?
3.13. I can't submit Clipper code either, can I still help anyway?

4. The Harbour mailing lists

4.1. Is there a developer's mailing list?
4.2. Is there a user's mailing list?
4.3. Is there a general discussion mailing list?
4.4. How do I remove myself from the mailing lists?
4.5. Are there any rules on the lists?
4.6. Are the lists archived anywhere?
4.7. Are there any newsgroups for Harbour?

5. Installing Harbour

5.1. Where can I get pre-built binaries?

6. General Harbour questions

6.1. When will Harbour be finished?
6.2. Are applications <attribute> than CA-Clipper applications?
6.3. What advantages does Harbour have over other Clipper compilers?
6.4. What advantages do other Clipper compilers have over Harbour?
6.5. Will Harbour support existing CA-Clipper 3rd party products?
6.6. Is Harbour a Windows development tool?
6.7. What platforms are supported by Harbour?

7. Pointers and links

7.1. Harbour related links
7.2. Articles about Harbour
7.3. Free (in either sense of the word) development tool links
7.4. Clipper related links
7.5. Free software related links
7.6. Other handy links

8. Administrative information

8.1. Document URL.
8.2. Downloading this document.
8.3. Feedback about the FAQ.
8.4. Document history